Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally, we get a number of similar questions by homeowners either sent in to [email protected] or in person. This list is not going to contain all the questions we receive, just those that we get (per the page title) frequently. If you have a question that is not answered here or something that you think should be added to this list please contact us.

Q: Do I need to fill out a Home Alteration Request Form to build a playhouse (or shed, gazebo, fence, etc)?

A: Yes. The easy answer is anything built or remodeled in the yard or to the exterior of the house needs to be submitted to the ACC (currently the HOA Board) for approval. Every submission is reviewed to make sure the project in question does not violate any CC&Rs, are made of approved materials, are not affecting any drain fields or other utility right aways. The homeowner is still responsible for obtaining any and all permits and approvals as needed. Citations will be sent out for unapproved structures & projects in accordance with the CC&Rs but can be remedied by returning a completed form for approval. The form can be found here.

Q: I’m afraid my project won’t get approved. Do I still need to submit for it?

A: Ummm... still yes. Keep in mind that a vast majority of submissions get approved without problems or need for further documentation or questions. The majority of the rest get approved with a little more information or slight changes to the plan. The form can still be found here.

Q: I submitted a Home Alteration Request Form. How long does it take to get the approval?
Per the CC&Rs, the ACC (or Board of Directors at the moment) has 30 days to review and respond to all requests. We do try to approve requests as quickly as possible. Naturally the bigger the project the more discussion on our end may be involved to ensure there are no issue with the project. 

Q: What is the HOA policy on vehicles parked on the street instead of a driveway?

A:  In order to keep the streets as clear as possible, the desired location for parking personal cars and trucks is in your respective driveways or garages. However, we understand that this isn’t always practical. Since all streets in our development are owned by the County, parking on roads is permitted and enforced by County regulations rather than HOA guidelines. Per Pierce County ordinances, cars left for extended periods can be classified as abandoned and reported as such.  This does not apply to recreational vehicles such as motorhomes, trailers, boats, or other special usage items.

Q: What are the rules for parking or storing a boat, trailer, or RV in my driveway or in front of my house?

A: Per the CC&Rs any boat, trailer, RV, or special usage item can be parked in a homeowner’s driveway or on the street in front of their house for up to 24 hours. Parking for longer than 24 hours will result in a citation. However, if a homeowner has a circumstance that requires something to be present for a longer period of time they may send a request in to [email protected]. Please include the type of vehicle, the circumstance, and the length of time being requested.

Q: We’ve had issues with the main road such as speeding cars, bad road conditions (snow), and now a bad paving job. What is the HOA doing about this?

A: Complaining to our friends and neighbors too. The roads in our community are County owned and maintained so this unfortunately limits our options (speeding cars addressed more specifically next). Like other homeowners, calling the appropriate agency and expressing our concerns and frustrations to get more information and any potential remedy is about the limit of our power.

Q:  More specifically, there tends to be a number of cars driving too fast through the neighborhood. What is the HOA doing about this?  Can we install speed bumps?

A: Again, with the road being County owned it is also County enforced. We would encourage any homeowner who witnesses any vehicle acting in a suspicious, aggressive, or dangerous manner to report it to the Sheriff’s department.  As far as speed “humps” are concerned, these would need to be permitted and approved by the County so we’re not sure if it’s actually possible but due to this process and the cost involved it’s most likely not probable.

Q: The Board is looking into ideas to develop the two common areas at the bottom of the neighborhood and asked for ideas from homeowners. Is the Board taking into consideration any liability, adjacent homeowners, and potential abuse?

 A: Yes to all of the above. Our original president, BJ Bergevin, had taken a survey to get suggestions of what we could potentially do with these two spaces and a number of ideas came in. For each idea we do need to weigh the cost to install, the cost to maintain, any increase to the HOA liability insurance, any potential negative impact to the adjacent homeowners, and whether there would need to be any need to limit access during certain hours and if needed, how to enforce it. We also recently discovered that there is no water access to the Southern lot so any idea that has a need for any irrigation is now an issue. The Board also feels that whatever is done to these areas needs to have the input of the entire community since it will affect everyone.